Graduate Student Positions
Current Openings

Currently, the SPhERe Lab does not have any funded graduate research positions available. However, since there is always the potential for new funded projects to arise, we are always seeking energetic and talented graduate students.

Prospective students should apply to the Georgia Institute of Technology prior to contacting Dr. Caroline Genzale with an application to work in the SPhERe Lab. Prospective students are welcome to contact Dr. Genzale with research-related questions, but questions of eligibility cannot be addressed until applications have been submitted to both the institute and the SPhERe Lab.

How to Apply

In conjuction with an application to Georgia Institute of Technology G.W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, prospective students should contact Dr. Caroline Genzale ( with all of the following:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Research experience and interests statement, maximum 2 pages, providing:
    • Brief description of previous research or intership experience
    • Summary of the aspects of the SPhERe Lab research projects that interest the applicant
    • List of fellowships awarded or applying for



While the SPhERe Lab obtains research grants from numerous sources for funding graduate student tuition and stipends, it is strongly recommended for prospective students to pursue all avenues available to them. In particular, eligible students are encouraged to apply for nationally sponsored fellowships. A list of external fellowships is listed below, but prospective students are encouraged to contact the fellowship office at their institution for help and advice on which of these competitive fellowships to apply.